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Ewen Chardronnet, Centre Pompidou Looks at The Living through the Lens of Design, Makery - link here
La Fabrique du Vivant, Centre Pompidou, Agency News Press - link here
La Fabrique du Vivant, Mutations/Creations 3, Centre Pompidou, UP Magazine - link here
La Fabrique du Vivant (The Fabric of the Living), Digicult - link here

Leah Collins, That's No Ordinary Maple Leaf, CBC Arts - link here 
Barry O'Sullivan, Exploring Hope and Escape Through Art, Research2Reality  -  link here  
Aniruddho Chokroborty-Hoque, Screened For by Elaine Whittaker, Art the Science blog - link here
Mariah Lamont-Lennox, Contained: Past Histories & Possible Futures of Containing Disease, The Fridge Door Gallery - link here
Contained by Elaine Whittaker, Research2Reality, video - link here

Shiver, New Thoughts New Works, Issue 35, Interalia Magazine - link here
Portfolio: Elaine Whittaker, Hamilton Arts & Letters, Issue 10.1 link - here
Paris Zheng, 30sec Film Artists, Elaine Whittaker, video -  link here
K. Wong & R. Nakamura, Into the Heart of SciArt, Science Borealis blog  - link here

Julia Buntaine, Elaine Whittaker: Interview, SciArt Magazine, August 

William Myers, Elaine Whittaker, BioArt: Altered Realities, publisher Thames & Hudson PDF
Karen Lipson, Islip Exhibit Explores How Science Influences Art, New York Times, PDF
Elaine Whittaker, CLOT Magazine - link here
I Caught it at The Movies, Vlak 5 Magazine
Laura Horne-Gaul, Shiver, Tussle Magazine, May - link here
I Caught it at The Movies, Changing Bodies Changing Minds, Issue 9, Interalia Magazine - link  here
Cc: me, Wreck Park Journal, Issue 00
Julia Krolik, Elaine Whittaker, Creator, Art the Science blog - link  here
BioArt Exhibition; quando la biologia incontra l’arte contemporanea, Le Scienze (Italian edition of Scientific American)
Heidy Mo, Spotlight Artist, Hye’s Musings blog, PDF
Tee, One Thought on Shiver, Spacefy blog
David Saric, Shiver, Art Toronto, PDF
Ellen Jantzen, Elaine Whittaker: Interview & Feature, Art & Science Collaborations (ASCI)  

Glendon Mellow, Unsettling Blood, Symbiartic, Scientific American Network, PDF
Steven Leyden Cochrane, Weird Science: International group of Artists explores the Frontier between Avant-garde art & Cutting Edge Biotech, Winnipeg Free PressPDF
Roberta Buiani, Ecology & Sustainability in Art & Science, Techo-Ecologies 2, editors R. Smite, A. Medosch and R. Smits

Lisa Kehler, Toxicity at Plug In ICA, Akimbo review, Toronto, PDF
Alison Gilmour, 3 Shows Offer New Ways of Experiencing Art, CBC News Manitoba, PDF
Lukas Thiessen, Together, Science & Art Address Our Planetary Psychopathology, The Manitoban, Winnipeg
Glendon Mellow, Ambient Plagues Unleashed, Symbiartic, Scientific American Network, PDF
Roberta Buiani, Representing the Microscopic: New Ecological Thinking in Art & ScienceArtNodes, e-journal on Art, Science & Technology, no. 13

Lee Jones, Elaine Whittaker, Art & Science Journal, Issue 1, interview and feature
Roberta Buiani, Cc: me, blog, Subtle Technologies Festival, PDF

Talia Dudin, (in)trepid cultures,TV interview, Art Sync
Patrick Connors, (in)trepid cultures: Exceptional Art, Newz4U.net, PDF
Matthew Purvis, (in)trepid cultures, BlogTO.com

Gary Michael Dault, Tether, Globe & Mail, PDF

Ruth Roach Pierson, Dreadful Visitations, MIX Magazine, 32.2, PDF

Peter Goddard, Dreadful Visitations: Art Meets Mad Cow, Toronto Star, PDF
Awareness-Beyond the Traditional, Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, Pandemic Planner
N. Cormier & Sally Frater, Everyday Alchemy, Prima Materia, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton