SCREENED FOR in International Exhibits


Screened For is a series of digital prints that turns fear of the viral, of the microbial, and of impending pandemics, into beauty. With these larger than life self portraits I am wearing medical masks painted with an array of microbial infectious diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis, SARS, West Nile Virus, etc. With eyes closed or peering out tentatively, I ask the viewer to consider that fear and beauty reside in an uncomfortable dialectic, in this precarious time of contagions, epidemics, and bioterrors.

Screened For was originally exhibited at the Red Head Gallery (Toronto) in 2015. Since then it has shown at the BioBAT Art Space (Brooklyn, US 2019), Islip Art Museum (Long Island, US 2015), Riddoch Art Gallery (Mount Gambier, Australia 2017), Fudan University Science Gallery, (Shanghai, China 2016), Gwacheon National Science Museum (Seoul, South Korea 2015), Studio Arts College International (Florence, Italy 2016), and in medical conferences in Toronto and Quebec City (2017). It has also been shown as a one minute silent film (collaboration with Pixels & Plans) at the Bentway CITE Festival (Toronto) in 2018, and the Toronto Urban Film Festival (Toronto) in 2016 where it won the Canadian Urbanism Award.