CC:ME Roach Pierson Repetitions and Traces

Repetitions and Traces by Ruth Roach Pierson

How easily trepidations and passions become,
over a lifetime, obsessions, repeating
like Ohrwürme or, rather, the leitmotifs
		of Wagnerian operas
		 Schubert sonatas
	 Whittaker halobacteria – such


 and reiterations assuming the form
not of carbon copies, more like inscriptions
 on the carbon scrolls of fax machines –
 jingles and advert slogans, a kind of pre-
 internet spam, interpolated among
 the messages senders intended

 	all interlaced into a ghostly
tracery of words like the faint,
sometimes blurred, often almost
fully erased residues of us
others may retain after we
 have returned to carbon.


Ruth Roach Pierson is Professor emerita of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto and author of numerous academic studies, Ruth Roach Pierson has published two volumes of poetry with BuschekBooks of Ottawa: Where No Window Was (2002) and Aide-Mémoire (2007), which was named a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry in 2008. Her third poetry collection, Contrary, was launched in 2011 by Tightrope Books of Toronto. With Sue MacLeod, she is currently at work on an anthology of movie poems entitled I Found It at the Movies to be published by Tightrope Books in spring 2013.