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Skinscape, a mixed media installation, reminds us that our skin, the largest organ in our body, stores complete information about our life’s adventures and misfortunes. A canvas of our life, it is an evolving landscape. It is also a floating permeable barrier that divides our living bodies from the rest of the world and provides habitat for microbial populations.


Using microscopy images and netting as the skin’s matrix, Skinscape is an immersive installation of over 400 petri dishes, paintings and textiles. The microscopic becomes macroscopic as it flows from high above on a wall to over your head, putting you deep inside the skin to view a dynamic ecosystem of bacteria, blood flow, bruising and blood vessels working together to heal a scar.


Skinscape was conceived and created while I was one of the first Artists-in-Residence with the Ontario Science Centre in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto.