INTERTWINED at FACTT, University of Toronto

INTERTWINED at University of Toronto in FACTT, Festival of Art & Science

Florida Green Lizards are moving higher into the treetops because they are faced with limited resources for food. In 15 years (approximately 20 generations) they have also evolved extra sticky scales and feet in order to better cling to these high smoother branches. Finland’s Tawny Owls usually come in two colours, brown and pale grey. As winters are now warmer, the brown owls are rapidly thriving as they are better suited to hunt prey, easily blending into the bare branches of the forest.

In contemplating our symbiotic relationship with nature, a relationship that necessarily sustains and enhances our existence as humans, the natural world appears to be evolving as human interactions and capitalist imperatives cause ceaseless environmental pressures and potential climate catastrophe. In such a transformative juncture, almost all mammals and indeed all organisms are now infusing and crossing with humans and their by-products. Evolution? Natural? Intertwined?

March 29 - May 15, 2019